This 30 second GolfBand Loop Glute & lower body activation routine will help you warm up & get those Glutes firing & ready for action. This Routine will help improve your balance & stability from the onset.

Perform this lower body routine pre game and pre practice to warm up and activate & engage your powerful lower body muscles, particularly your glutes!

You can repeat the routine up to 2 times for a warm up...and up to 5 times to strengthen and condition your Lower body muscles, particularly your Glutes & Quads. Perform in a golf stance position and to intensify the exercise perform in a deeper squat position. Keep the motion controlled and fluid throughtout and alway keep the GolfBand Loop taught.

For a more comprehensive warm up you can add GolfBand routines/drills such as the GolfBand 1 Minute upper body warm up & stretch routine or individual GolfBand stretches.