The Results will be impressive to you and playing partners.

Start with the Band in a relaxed position as shown in Fig 1.

Key Points – Take a good set up with 50/50 weight distribution. Maintain a Neutral spine angle.

As you start the swing feel an early resistance in the band as in Fig 2.


Key Points – Keep Grip pressure as at set up Drive the club away from yourself and turn your shoulders to help upper rotation. Keep your legs level and resisting this first movement.

 Complete your back swing as shown in Fig 3. At this point you will feel the full resistance between the Club through the body and to your feet.

Key Points – Keep the club still. Hold a 90degree rotation with your upper body. Feel weight to your right leg (inner) whilst keeping the band secure under the left foot.  Start by using the correct Golf band (strength indicated by colour) making approximately 6-8 slow motion swings to a held position.

Once in control of this and with the correct feeling you can progress to completing the swing to a held finish. (as shown in Fig 4).

By Practising the drill you will combine the key points required to help maximise the pre power set of the club whilst engaging optimum coiled resistance with balance enabling a you to return the club to impact with more power as when swinging without the band you will feel greater speed but in balance as you will have learnt to use more connected body movement whilst keeping the club relaxed.


By Ian Dudman GolfBand Coach and PGA Professional contact Ian on 07968 695573