The below article may help to answer some common questions/myths about Golf & back injuries. It highlights the importance of keeping the body, especially the spine flexible and fluid. Certain golfing movements may have a slight influence on your symmetry but overal the rotational flexibility you will gain from playing golf will in the long term outweigh this effect

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Q The most common golf injury is to the low back?

A: not surprising ! 60% of all injuries seen by physiotherapists are to the low back anyway.

Q: Golf is bad for the back?

A: The body, and above all the spine, is a machine that craves movement to keep it conditioned. Golf can be a great provider of beneficial low level endurance and mobility movement patterns.

Q: “The golf swing makes you lop-sided and asymmetrical?

A: Yes and No! You do groove a movement pattern, you’re lead shoulder will tend to migrate upwards and
your mid-spine may become rounded and have a slight side-shift as time passes. But you will retain rotational ability beyond your years!

Q: A round will free off my back injury?

A:if it’s a recent injury it will make it worse, as would gardening, shopping or mud-wrestling. You can’t play through any acute
injury…golf will find it out. In the later stages, golf can help the rehabilitative process. You have to be patient.

Q: The tour pro’s are all crocked with bad backs by 40?

A: A large percentage of the nonplaying population are as well. The statistics don’t entirely back this up, and the
seniors tour is full of agile 60 year olds still knocking it tournament distances, but there is a concern, and it simply comes down to a swing repetition volume that club players will get nowhere near. Even Ferrari’s wear out.

What’s the best option for your back, slumping on the sofa watching golf, or getting out there and playing the game? For me the answer is simple…if you don’t use it, you
lose it.

Bob Wood
Physical Solutions