It’s all about the wind up! Coiling your upper body against a stable lower body! Remember don't let your left leg collapse in.

Powershot Image 01 loopbalanceimage

The Power practice swing using the GolfBand will allow you to feel resistance in your left leg as you reach the top of your back swing. This feeling is an ideal way to monitor stability and generate greater stretch in your backswing. This increased stretch against a balanced and stable lower body will create the energy/power needed to generate greater clubhead speed.

Resisting against the GolfBand loop around your thighs, as in the “Lower Body Stability Swing” will ensure that your legs do not come together and the gap between your knees is maintained, developing a solid and stable base to your swing which will enhance the windup of your upper body.

These exercises and drills can be found in our instruction booklets supplied with each GolfBand product.

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