Great Golfers Have Great Butts.

One thing great golfers have is big and strong glutes (buttocks).  It’s the huge Gluteal muscles in their rear that are the cannons of their powerful golf swing. The Glutes also have a primary role to play in the technical “shape making” of the golf swing. Not only do they drive the body coil, they limit pelvic instability and tuck under at impact, they control slide and they control the spinal pelvic angle.

The GolfBand the smart alternative to the Gym


Why it’s good: ■ It targets the selected gluteal group but in a functional stance relevent to golf.

  • Tie/Clip the Golf Band around your ankle or use The Loop
  • Start with feet hip width apart
  • Take right leg, step out to right side & squat
  • Sit down bending at the hip & knee joints
  • Keep chest lifted & weight through the heels
  • Come up, returning to starting position
  • Repeat exercise on left side
  • Alternate right & left 10 / 20 / 30 times