Why is flexibility and mobility so important in golf?

Lack of flexibility will make it difficult to rotate your body through the full range of motion during your golf swing and can cause you to stop short on your back swing.

Many different muscles are engaged at different points in your golf swing and inflexibility and lack of mobility will make you more prone to injuries. Your body will try to overcompensate by engaging other muscles and joints that are not prepared for the stress and strain of the movement.

It is common for golfers to lack flexibility in the rotation of their spine and hips during their golf swing, which will result in overcompensation with their arms. The effect of trying to hit the ball harder with your arms will be sore arm muscles and injury is likely due to overuse of the shoulders.

Flexibility work should be one of the key components of your golf fitness training programme. First you need to establish your current body restrictions, check your flexibility against the flexibility tests then perform the relevant GolfBand flexibility improvement exercises. (see earlier posts for details of these tests and GolfBand exercises).

Follow other exercises and drills in  the GolfBand training programme to further improve your game by developing your balance, strength and power.