Keep on plane with GolfBand Stretch your budget to add strength to your golf swing 

PGA pro Ian Dudman reckons the GolfBand training aid (£14.99) is one of the simplest, cheapest golf inventions of recent years and by using it regularly will help develop core muscles, keep your swing on plane and help hit good shots consistently.

Choose the strength most suitable for your build - medium (green), strong (purple) or extra strong (grey) - and take up your stance holding one end of the band under the grip and slipping the other end underneath your right foot. As the club moves back in the takeaway, the slack will be taken up and the band will start to stretch, tension in your swing increasing “Make 6-8 slow motion swings to a held position,” says Ian. “If you have a loop in your backswing as soon as the club moves off the correct line, the feeling of tension building as it should, changes. “Once in control of this and with the correct feeling you can progress to complete the swing to a held finish.” He says that not only will this exercise help you to feel the right swing plane it will help build up the muscles needed to play golf well. GolfBand has also produced the GolfBand Loop (£9.99) complete with booklet, designed to improve the legs, arms and body connection in the golf swing. Says Dudman: “Its beauty is its simplicity; it has two main uses for either arms or legs. It will help develop a more solid base, from the feet upwards, for greater swing consistency and improved ball-striking.


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