Following on from our previous 2 blogs we now look at the importance of lower body flexibility training as the amateur commonly has muscles that are "tight," causing restrictions in their golf swing.

In addition to the lower back, a second area of the lower body that often causes difficulty is the hamstrings. Hamstring tightness will cause your pelvis to "tuck" under the spine in the golf swing, causing numerous problems for your swing.

In order to counteract that, we must address the hamstrings with a flexibility test and improvement exercise.

Perform this simple Sit & Reach flexibility test

This simple test is designed to measure the flexibility of your hamstrings and lower back.


With bare feet, sit on a flat surface, legs extended in front of your body, toes pointing up and feet slightly apart, with the soles of your feet against the base of a step (if there is no step, just any flat surface will do). Place a ruler on the ground by your legs or on the top of the step. Place one hand on top of the other, then reach slowly forward. At the point of your greatest reach, hold for a couple of seconds, and measure how far you have reached. If you have trouble straightening you legs, get someone to help by holding your knees down flush with the ground. Record your best score out of 3 by taking a measurement in cm or inches beyond the base of your foot, if you can"t reach your toes, measure how far before your feet you managed to reach (this is a negative measurement score).

You can compare your results to a standard table but we would suggest that you just aim to improve your own score by performing this GolfBand, lower body flexibility stretch 5 times a week.

N.B: Repeat the above test after several weeks to determine your progress.



  • Stagger your stance, keeping one foot in front
  • Bend the back leg, making sure all weight is placed on this leg 
  • Straighten the front leg, tilt the hips up
  • Keep abdominals tight,  back in neutral & head looking slightly to the floor
  • Place the GolfBand underneath the front foot
  • To add the calf stretch, use the band to pull the toes towards the shin
  • Hold stretch for 10-20 secs
  • Repeat with opposite leg

Remember start with flexibility, graduate to balance and then look at getting stronger and more powerful!

Taken from the GolfBand Programme designed to help improve golfers, flexibility, Balance, Strength and Power!