This GolfBand Bent Over Row exercise will help strengthen your back muscles (Traps, Lats & Rhomboids) The muscles of the upper back help to control the backswing and help a golfer keep a good posture during the swing. The Trapezius is a large muscle that extends longitudinally and laterally to the scapula (shoulder blade). It’s functions are to move the scapulae and support the arm. The scapulae play an important role in the swing as they provide stability for the arms and body to work together. They also give the arms and shoulders mobility to swing the club on plane and allows the energy produced by the body to be transferred into the arms and club head on impact. This classic bent over row exercise performed with the GolfBand will give you balanced muscle development because it prevents your strongest side dfrom taking more of the strain.


NB Leading with your elbow maximizes shoulder extension. By creating as much shoulder extension as possible, you maximize the work done by your latissimus dorsi muscles. Pulling your shoulders back also increases shoulder girdle stability, which may help reduce your risk of suffering a shoulder injury when performing this exercise.