Following on from our previous blog we now look at the importance of core flexibility training to improve your golf swing speed, power and distance.

Perform this simple core flexibility test

This core flexibility test is done seated to stop us cheating and using our lower body.

Sit in a chair, cross your arms around your chest & keep your eyes focused straight ahead.

Now rotate as far as you can to the right. Make a note of how far you can go.

 Did you get to a 90 degree shoulder turn? This is where you need to be!

 Then rotate as far as you can to the left.

Make a note of how far you can go.  Are you more flexible and can rotate further on one side?

To maximise your power and driving distance you need to be able to rotate at least 70 degrees from the centre.

A seated rotation is an indication of "true" core flexibility and range of motion as the lower body cannot aid the rotation.

If you have less than adequate flexibility, you can increase your flexibility by performing the GolfBand Rotational stretch 5 times a week.

GolfBand Rotational Stretch

  • Stand feet shoulder width apart, knees soft & abdominals held in
  • Hold doubled up GolfBand in front of your body
  • Rotating  from hips & core stretch arms up towards a support (door/wall/tree) behind
  • Return arms & body to starting position
  • Rotate in the opposite direction, reaching up to the support
    • Repeat  5 times on each side

    If you have good flexibility and find this easy, perform the GolfBand rotational stretch in a seated position.

    N.B: Repeat the above test after several weeks to determine your progress.

    Remember start with flexibility, graduate to balance and then look a getting stronger and more powerful!


    Taken from the GolfBand Programme designed to help improve golfers, flexibility, Balance, Strength and Power!