The golf swing is an athletic movement  and it requires a high level of flexibility, balance, strength, endurance, and power to execute the swing correctly. Knowing this you need to develop these physical characteristics within your body to create the foundation upon which you can build an efficient and powerful golf swing.

Flexibility, in relation to the golf swing, is the ability to draw the club through the proper range of motion. A full golf swing requires you to draw the club through a long range of motion. In order to perform this action correctly the muscles within your body must be flexible. If your muscles are not flexible the ability to draw the club through the correct range of motion will be compromised, resulting in a compromised golf swing.

Shoulder flexibility is a fundamental physical factor when performing a successful golf swing. Test your shoulder flexibility then improve this by regularly  performing the GolfBand Rotator Cuff stretch.

The shoulder flexibility test is a simple measurement of the flexibility and mobility of the shoulder joint. Adequate range of motion in the shoulder is important for golf performace and injury prevention.

How to Perform the Shoulder Flexibility Test

  • To test your left shoulder flexibility, stand and raise your right arm straight up overhead.
  • Bend your right elbow and let your right palm rest on the back of your neck and slide it down your back and between your shoulder blades.
  • Reach behind you with your left hand so the back of your hand rests on the middle of your back.
  • Now slide your right hand down and your left hand up to try to touch the fingers of both hands.
  • Measure the minimum distance between the fingertips of the right and left hand. Record any overlap as well.
  • Switch your hands to perform the test on the opposite shoulder.


Shoulder Flexibility Test Results

Excellent = Fingers overlap
Good = Fingers touch
Average = Fingers are less than two inches apart
Poor = Fingers are more than two inches apart

If you have less than adequate flexibility, you can increase your flexibility by performing the GolfBand Rotator Cuff stretch below, about three times a week.

GolfBand Rotator Cuff/Shoulder Stretch to Improve Your Flexibility

  • Stand feet shoulder width apart, knees soft & abdominals held in
  • Hold the GolfBand in left hand behind back with elbow lifted above head
  • Reach up behind back to hold band with right hand
  • Exhaling trace the spine & walk top hand down the band
  • Inhaling walk the bottom hand up the band to meet the other hand
  • Keep an neutral spine- DO NOT ARCH BACK OR BEND NECK FORWARD
  • Repeat on other side
  • You can modify this stretch based upon your own anatomy, flexibility and limitations.

    N.B repeat the above test after several weeks to determine your progress.

    Remember start with flexibility, graduate to balance and then look at getting stronger and more powerful!

    Taken from the GolfBand Programme designed to help improve golfers, flexibility,  Balance, Strength  and Power!